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Absolutely Free  Education          A Unit of Sant Nikka Singh Public School Trust Society         Absolutely Free  Education       Under  The  Patronage of His Holiness Mahant Baba Ram Singh Ji Maharaj 


Director Message

“Mine, not  thine, this sense of greed is the root of all malady.”


    –Shiromani 108 Sant Baba Nikka Singh Ji Maharaj ‘Virakt’


This sane quote of ‘Virakt’ Maharaj Ji inspires us all to remove the sense of mine and thine, i.e., this  is mine, that is yours. The greed of distinction that my son should go to school by car and yours barefooted and bear the risk of prickly thorns will keep you confined to the narrow domestic walls of materialism, jealously, egoism, arrogance, etc.,  and dehumanise you. Hence, dear brother! bid adieu to this malady of mine and thine for ever. Be sagacious and if you can afford, buy shoes for those children who go to school without them. Serve humanity, uplift the poor and the destitute, that should be the real goal of your life.


In this regard, SNS Public School, Sadar Bazar, Karnal, which is also imparting entirely free education to the children belonging to economically weaker section of the society, is making headway by leaps and bounds under the benign patronage of His Holiness Mahant Baba Ram Singh Ji Maharaj, invaluable guidance of Srimaan Sant Baba Jodh Singh Ji and Sant Amrik Dev Ji who are all the embodiment of benevolence, detachment and spiritualism.


Dr. K.L Dang

Director (Academics)

SNS Public Schools



    • Registration Open for LKG and few vacancies in Classes II, III, V, VI, VII and VIII for the academic Year 2015-16

      Last Date for Registration: 31st March 2015.

      Absolutely   Free   Education


      For all  Sant Nikka Singh Public Schools


      • First preference for Orphan Children
      • Second preference for Fatherless/Motherless Children
      • Over all preference for Children of Labourers, Rikshawpullers, Domestc servents, Petty Shop Keepers, Hawkers and all those who do not have any means.

Fee Structure

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