Tapti House

The Tapti, a river in central India, often called the daughter of Surya, the Sun God and his wife Chhaya and also known as sister of Lord Shani, is suggestive of creativity, which is very much required for the over-all personality development. All the tutors and students of this House work together as a team to unleash the innate talent power through various activities held in the school.


House Incharge

Mrs. Manjeet


House Tutors

Mrs. Anjali

Mrs. Meena

Mrs. Sunita

Mrs. Anupam Jain

Mrs. Kanchan

Mrs. Vandana


House Appointments

House Captain

Mast. Shivam


House Prefect

Mast. Sagar

8th –B

House Sports Captain

Mast. Sunny


House Sports Vice-Captain

Mast. Sourav


House Discipline Captain

Miss Pratibha


House Discipline Vice-Captain

Miss Jyoti