Secretary General

(Secretary General)


Embodiment of ‘Sewa’, ‘Simran’ and ‘Samarpan’, SantJodh Singh JiMaharaj was born at village SihanDaud, district Ludhiana (Punjab) on August 14, 1948. He has an imposing personality and is the nephew of BrahmgyaniSant Baba Nikka Singh ‘Virakat’ JiMaharaj. He inherited devotion to service from his birth in the holy family of ‘Virakt ‘jiMaharaj. He studied Gurbani deeply alongwith worldly education.


For sometimeSantJodh Singh JiMaharaj served in the Gujranwala Town branch (Delhi) of the Punjab and Sind Bank, but it was not the goal of his life. Pleased with his inclination towards serving the saints, his unique devotion to Sri Guru GranthSahib ji and his keen interest in selfless activities, Sant Baba Nikka Singh ‘Virakat’ JiMaharaj graced him as ‘Sant’ on April 3, 1983 and thus, freed him from the worldly bonds. He showered his blessings and asked him to move to Nirmal Ashram, Rishikesh to serve the Ashram alongwithMahant Baba Ram Singh JiMaharaj.


His Holiness Mahant Baba Ram Singh JiMaharaj, the missionary of humanity, often travels worldwide to enlighten people about the sacred values of Gurbani, Vedas and other Religious Scriptures. With the passage of time, the activities of the Ashram are multiplying but by the grace of the Guru, SantJodh Singh JiMaharaj accomplishes them all with wisdom and farsightedness.Very efficiently, he manages, guides and takes care of all the benevolent social service oriented centres/institutions of Nirmal Ashram, Rishikesh and NirmalDham, Karnal. Besides, he renders many more selfless services with love and devotion at many other places in Haryana and Punjab.


Because of his devotion and considerable skill,SantJodh Singh JiMaharaj manages very competently the construction of new and renovation of old buildings, celebration of annual and other functions of Nirmal Ashram and NirmalDham. Apart from this, he has won name and fame for his remarkable work in Religious studies. Gathering more and more knowledge of the history of the Nirmal Community is his passion.


As a person, SantJodh Singh JiMaharaj is a Karam Yogi who, with the blessings of his PujyaGurudevSant Baba Nikka Singh ‘Virakat’ JiMaharaj and inspiration from His Holiness Mahant Baba Ram Singh JiMaharaj, makes all-out efforts for all the works of Planning, Development and Administration of Nirmal Ashram, Rishikesh, NirmalDham,Karnaland all their humanitarian centres/institutions.