Soure of Inspiration



Holy personalities like BrahmgyaniSant Baba Nikka Singh ‘Virakat’ JiMaharaj appear once in a while after centuries.Epitome of generosity, compassion and love for people, especially the poor, the unwanted, the uncared for, the sufferers, he is one of the most important and revered figureheads in the history of Nirmal Ashram, Rishikesh, which is related to NirmalPanth (pure path). He was an ascetic, a great scholar of Shastras and was deeply devoted to the basic principles of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.


On account of his strong faith in Brahm(God) and his GurudevMahant Buddha Singh JiMaharaj, founder of Nirmal Ashram, Rishikesh,profound knowledge of Gurbani and Shastras, Sant Baba Nikka Singh ‘Virakat’ JiMaharaj guided the misguided people of the world on the right path. Living in the will of Almighty , he became a source of inspiration for innumerable people and enriched their lives, irrespective of caste,colour and creed, through his divine virtues, teachings and immortal sayings.


It was all because of the inspiration and the unbounded grace of his PujyaGurudevSant Baba Nikka Singh ‘Virakat’ JiMaharaj that His Holiness Mahant Baba Ram Singh JiMaharaj, the missionary of humanity, established various benevolent  institutions of Nirmal Ashram, Rishikesh in social, educational,health care and vocational areas.


Sant Baba Nikka Singh ‘Virakat’JiMaharajalso became a source of inspiration for his disciple SantAmrikDevJi, who set up various social service oriented centres/institutions at Karnal, which, too, have been rendering their selfless services to the orphan,the poor and the needy since their inception.


At present, all these humanitarian centres/institutions at Rishikesh&Karnal are being run efficiently under the patronage of His Holiness Mahant Baba Ram Singh JiMaharaj,the present Spiritual Head of Nirmal Ashram, Rishikesh,who travels worldwide to enlighten people about the sacred values of Gurbani, Vedas and other Religious Scriptures, thereby rendering selfless services to humanity, and the dynamic directions of SantJodh Singh JiMaharaj(Secretary General) ,who is also serving humanity through all the works of planning, development and administration of Nirmal Ashram, Rishikesh and NirmalDham, Karnal and all their humanitarian centres/institutions.