Director’s Message

Director – Col (Dr) D. S. Khiara


Education which in the words of BartrandRussel means instruction plus experience which starts when you adopt an avocation. In fact the education must liberate a person and make him independent and responsible which is the need of the present day scenario. Today this is the age of competition and one has to strive hard to secure a job in any field to earn his livelihood. It is not the degree which is though a status symbol for some people but which matters is the resilience developed through life experiences provided to the students from the early life in school.


Sant Nikka Singh Public School Model Town Karnal is committed to nurture the inherent potential of each child, to create lifelong learner who will be the leaders of tomorrow. With parents, and blessings of Mahant Baba Ram Singh Ji the school shall to create global citizens who are innovative and have strong sense of values. The entire curriculum of the Academy is worked out to open the minds by going beyond theory and making knowledge useful even outside the realms of books and examination. This has been done keeping in mind the background of the students and the parents. The teaching has been related to the real situations where by the students and teachers work together to understand the nature.


I find myself fortunate to be associated with such a noble cause by the NirmalDham and would like to accept that this type of model to provide free education to the unprivileged is unique and one and only one in the country.


We pray and seek the blessings of Mahant Baba Ram Singh Ji to keep on guiding the staff and students to be successful in their mission.